Digital Designer

I'm Matthew Reimer, a 20-year-old digital designer from Manitoba, Canada. I specialize in videography, web development, UI/UX design and graphic design. Creating visuals is my passion and I strongly believe in the importance of visual communication. I pursue implementing my diverse skill-set to consitently create high quality products.

Camera Functions • Composition • Adobe Premiere & After Effects

Web Development
HTML • CSS • PHP • SCSS • Javascript • Wordpress

UX/UI Design
Responsive Design • Desktop and App Design • Web Design Standards

Graphic Design
Print and Digital Design • Adobe InDesign & Illustrator

Camera Functions • Compostion • Lighting • Adobe Photoshop

Visual Identity • Logo Design • Colour and Typography

Digital Marketing
SEO • Google Analytics • Online Advertising

Social Media
Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • Snapchat
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